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Track: Wait

Artist: M83


Plays: 10

Anonymous asked: Can you make a 3d audio edit of wait by m83 ? I love your blog! Your stellar

Thank you! sure can 

Track: Bloodstream Habits

Artist: Ed Sheeran and Tove Lo


Plays: 46

Anonymous asked: Could you pretty please do Papaoutai (cover by Pentatonix featuring Lindsey Stirling) without the violin and cello x

I would but I’m not at all confident on how to do it, sorry! xx

Track: Johnny's Rebellion

Artist: Crown The Empire

Album: The Resistance: Rise of The Runaways

Plays: 18

Anonymous asked: Any edit with Habits(Stay High) by Tove Lo and Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran! Cause I feel like it's the guy and girl version of each other if that makes any sense! Like she had her way of handling the break up and so does he

Yep xx  

Track: Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

Artist: Ariana Grande


Plays: 58

kingpaarrk asked: Can you make a 3D edit of Johnny's rebellion by Crown the Empire?

Sure can! 

Anonymous asked: Can you do an edit of Ariana Grande's "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" please and thank you

Sure x

Track: Bottle You Up

Artist: Zendaya


Plays: 142

Track: Guns For Hands

Artist: Twenty One Pilots


Plays: 42

Track: Fireproof

Artist: One Direction

Album: Four

Plays: 1,248